It's nice knowing things. Especially when those things come from real-life experience in trying, tracking, and tweaking. What's even nicer is passing that knowledge along to others who can benefit from it.

2020 Webinar Series


Get all of our golden nuggets of web design and online marketing truths! We're putting our experience to good use by sharing our discoveries, insights, and successes with you in this 6-part webinar series. Pick the ones you like, or attend them all and save! You really can't go wrong.

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Each webinar is $15 to attend, or attend them all for only $60!

We’re covering 6 web design and online marketing topics during this webinar series.

Websites 101

We’ll walk you through some essentials that will help you get the most out of your website and turn it into a highly functional home base for your online marketing (and recruiting!) efforts.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • How Google ranks sites #1 — what SEO means, if you need it, and how it works
  • Website must haves
  • Ways to build your site — types of sites, and how much they cost
  • Lead generating secrets

Google. A word that is now synonymous with “look it up” and to every business owner also doubles for “opportunity” and “what the heck”. What’s important to Google? And what can you do to impress Google while also impressing your website visitors? Gaining Google’s favor doesn’t happen overnight.

In our talk we’ll outline in plain English:

  • What criteria Google uses to rank websites.
  • How you can adjust your website to improve your standings in search results.
  • Things you can do outside of your website to make your Google presence stronger.
How to be a Marketing Superhero When Your Background Isn't Marketing

To be a real marketing superhero, you have to do two things: (1) Get the work done. (2) Make sure it worked. While that sounds simple, just “getting the work done” can feel like a mountain of “whats” and “ifs.”

[IF #2] If you can only invest in one thing, spend your money on…
[IF #3] If you need to talk to past customers, try…
[IF #4] If your target audience is really specific, you need to focus on…

This webinar includes:

  • Where to start with your marketing plan
  • 4 ways to market on a dime (or $20)
  • Answers to the 4 big “ifs” of marketing
  • A brief introduction to reviewing marketing data

Confidently tackle WordPress for the first time by joining us for a detailed course on how to use WordPress and its native drag-and-drop block editor, Gutenberg.

This webinar will include lessons on:

  • Getting started with WordPress
  • Modifying settings
  • Editing menus
  • Adding, editing, and understanding the difference between posts and pages
  • Adding and editing images, text and other design elements using Gutenberg blocks

Take this webinar to unlock the process of planning a social media campaign to connect with your audience, grasp how to build purposeful content, monitor to improve your campaign and take control of your social media presence.

This webinar includes:

  • Outlining deliverables for your social media campaign
  • What to research to build a plan that works for you
  • Tips and tools to get the job done efficiently
  • Planning your engagement strategy
  • Ideas for generating post content 
  • Guidelines for successful social media posts
  • How to evaluate your campaign
Planning Your Online Marketing

Most new hires and prospective clients encounter your brand online before ever meeting a representative. This workshop will help you make a correct first impression. Developed to identify where to go and what to do to improve your brand online, attendees will leave with an understanding of what it means to build a brand online and why it’s important. They’ll draft the components of your strategic plan, select the brand building activities that are right for their company and analyze how to streamline and track their efforts.

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