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Make an email link

To create a link to an email addresses type in: <a href=”mailto:[email protected]“>Email Address</a>So just put mailto: in front of the email address in the link field. Make sure there is no space between the email address and the mailto: that will make the function break in some browsers. How do I do this in your

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Upload a PDF in WordPress

Click on the “add an image” icon next to Upload/Insert Click the “select files” button next to Choose files to upload Browse for the pdf you wish to upload, when you find it click it to select it then click “open” Type the name of the link to the the “title” field, consider telling people

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Single line spacing in posts.

Ever notice how large the return is in between lines of your posts to your blog? It looks like a double space ha?  What’s going on here?  Well to get technical when you hit the “enter” key on your key board it’s interpreted as a paragraph and creates html code accordingly: <p> Paragraph here </p>

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Website Showcase Event!

Please join us to support the sites of 4 local businesses: Tuesday, June 30 @ Room-38 4:30-6:30. View the invitation

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Why E-Mail Subscribers Unsubscribe

Here’s an interesting article from our friends at  What I learned here is that you need to be sure you’re not over blasting your clients and giving them relevant information to be sure they don’t unsubscribe to your e-newletters.  The article intro is  inline with my e-mail marketing beliefs as well.

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