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Is social media a substitute for email marketing?

With tons of social media options available, your company may be considering opting out of your email marketing service for a social media substitute.   Think twice.

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Color Codes

Ahh a lovely cart of hexadecimal color codes for the web. To make a spot of text change color use the six digit color code in place of the ff0033 in the code below (the # symbol must be placed in front of the text for color to change in all browsers): Example: What ever

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Yes you can sort photos in NextGen Gallery!

I know it’s just about the most exciting thing I’ve heard all day.  And it’s super easy too! Click Gallery > Manage Galleries Select the gallery you wish to reorder Click the “Sort Gallery” button Drag and drop for the correct order or choose one of the order options available Click the “Update Sort Order”

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Interview Ready Image

Is your image interview ready?  The Columbia Chamber of Commerce Small Business Committee asked me to give a talk on how to assess a businesses marketing look.  They asked: Is it time to check your image? How does the public see your company? Is your marketing look really you? To answer to those lovely questions

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Blogging is like vitamins for your website.

Will blogging help search engines find my website? YES!  Companies who blog get better search marketing results.   Last August conducted a survey of 1,531 customers, all small to medium sized businesses.  795 businesses blogged 736 did not.  Those that blog have 55% more visitors to their sites, 97% more inbound links, links from other

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