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Setting SMART Goals For The New Year May Help You Better Grow Your Business.

It’s the 31 day mark of 2012! What are you doing to improve your business this year? At the beginning of every new year, many companies make resolutions for the upcoming year. Even though some people think it’s cheesy or that it doesn’t actually work, setting and writing down your goals in 2012 might actually

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It is hard work, this designing and building websites, but it is very rewarding & a lot of fun!

Each and every time we wrap up a large project, we give ourselves a little pat on the back and a big high-five to our client. This time, the big high five goes out to Glenn D. Chambers. Glenn first approached us about building a portfolio website for his wildlife photography in 2011. Since then,

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Adding Users to Google Analytics

Please note: As of May 14, 2014 we have updated our tutorial slideshow and now it’s all fancy-like with new screenshots and directions. You may find it here. Most of our clients are satisfied with a monthly overview email.  But some are as geeky as the MayeCreate staffers, craving more data, wanting to dig deeper

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Retina Associates Makes Visual Impact on Web

Jerry R. Blair, M.D.,Ph.D., Mari Ann Keithahn, M.D. and their exceptional administrative/clinical staff at Retina Associates of Missouri, P.C. are making their web debut on their recently completed website. Their custom web design features a large image of a retina on the home page and wonderful photography of their staff and office throughout the site.

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