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Twitter Lovers: We’ll be tweeting!

In addition to following MayeCreate Design on Facebook you can now also follow us on Twitter! Follow @MayeCreate.

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With names like “Dabbler” and “Whatchamacallit” who can help but love this new website?

All of our custom web designs reflect the person, organization or business they are built for. is no exception. It was a pleasure working with Kent King while working on his personal website. He is a published author, musician, speaker and self-proclaimed “dabbler”. We don’t often have the opportunity to use words like “Whatchamacallit”

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Unique Plant Product Website Launched.

With audiences everywhere looking to the internet for answers, the creator of Plot Pots made a wise decision to first market his product online. With every new project, we start by getting to know the individual or business. Epic Innovation’s Plot Pots was no different. We learned from the product’s creator how a simple product

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IMMVAC Poster Draws Massive Attention.

This thing is huge, folks! Seriously. It’s a whopping 10.4′ by 7.5″ kind of huge. IMMVAC, Inc., a company which manufactures vaccines and serums for animals to prevent and treat gram-negative bacteria, asked us to create their banner, has had a lengthy and prosperous relationship with MayeCreate. We’ve created labels for their products, designed their

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