Monthly Archives: March 2012

Adding Sales to Your Design Process

Monica is going to speak to the Adobe User Group tonight.  Check out her presentation on how to add the art of sales to your creative process. Presentation Overview: Adding the Art of Sales to Your Creative Process Some clients are easy to please while others are though, some make good design decisions and others

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6 Ways to Make Your Emails Easier to Click Through to Generate Higher Readership

With a less than 6 percent average click-through rate, it’s hard to meet everyone’s needs within one newsletter e-blast, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. With a few simple tips you can strengthen those loose ends and get people to want to know more. You Have 2 Seconds, Make Them Count According to the

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Feeling Those Love Potion After Effects.

This Valentine’s Day, the MayeCreate and Tranquility teams  couldn’t resist stirring up a little love. We started preparing in advance. Marie designed the e-mails and cards that we sent to customers, adding a pint size giraffe and a few pinches of ridiculously adorable. Stacy and Megan whipped up a few cookies…okay, a few hundred cookies,

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