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Get Your Business Pinned.

Pinterest seems to have caught food addicts and do-it-yourselfers by a whirlwind. At first, it may not have seemed like a beneficial marketing venue for businesses, but as the number of users continues to grow and referrals start outranking other major social media sites it may be time to take a second glance. Think about

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Create Your Own Web Graphics with XHeader.

It appears that XHeader is no longer available. Still looking to design your own website graphics? We’re big fans of Canva – perhaps you will be too. Here’s the original article, if you’d like to learn more about XHeader: If you want to upload a new graphic for your website slider or photo gallery but

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How Google’s New Privacy Policy Impacts Users.

Check out Tranquility’s blog post on Google’s new privacy policy and how it affects users. Tranquility cuts through speculation and gets down to the facts. They also give you tips on how to protect your privacy while using the Internet.

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Use Facebook Timeline Effectively for Your Business.

Is there a large blank space staring at you from the top of your Facebook page? If so, you may be a little behind the times. On Feb. 29, Facebook  announced that they would automatically change all pages to their new timeline format on March 30. If you didn’t switch over before then, we’ve provided

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We Take Pride In Working With Our Clients.

We take pride in working with clients who take pride in themselves. You can always tell when a company values hard work and quality customer service. Christensen Construction Co. recently enlisted the help of MayeCreate Design to design their website. Their new website provides some insight into how they’ve accumulated 3 decades worth of know-how,

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