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Scruggs Lumber has built a new website!

Scruggs Lumber is one of Missouri’s oldest family-owned and operated businesses, and they’re way more than just a lumberyard. The company was built on a reputation of trust, hard work, good service and quality products, and still carry that over to today. Just one of the many reasons we loved working with them! Take a look at their new website!

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Beer Review: Tyler’s Favorite Beer of the Month

If you should know anything about Tyler, our lead designer, it would be 1) He’s an amazing designer, and 2) He likes beer. As of the beginning of February, Tyler has tried 553 different types of beer. Check out his favorite beer of the month; hint- it involves chocolate and raspberry!

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3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Construction Portfolio Updated

It seems like one of the hardest things to do is keep your website’s portfolio updated. You always say you’ll do it, then it get’s pushed back on your to-do list, and next thing you know you’re 6 months behind. Well, we’ve come up with 3 easy ways to make sure your portfolio stays updated without taking up a bunch of your time. Take a look!

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We’ve constructed OCCI, Inc.’s new website!

OCCI, Inc. is an engineering contracting company with an award winning history of bringing projects in on-time with high standards of quality. It was fun to work with a company who strives for greatness like we do! Take a look at their new website!

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Marketing Diet Budget

The rumor on the internet is 95% of diets fail and most small businesses fail to have a marketing budget. Learn how marketing budgets fall hand-in-hand with your dieting habits!

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