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Kiefer Law Office finds the right place for their new website!

Kiefer Law Office specializes in Social Security Disability and Workers Compensation, catering to those who have been injured at work or are unable to work due to an outside condition or injury. Christine Kiefer values client needs above all else and wanted a website to reflect that, and we delivered! We appreciated working with someone who, like us, feels honored to be able to do they do.

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Mobile Friendly Website: Why You Need One & Who Says So (Google…and Us)

Google recognizes there are a lot of people in the world with mobile phones, and a lot of them seem to be using their phones to search the web, and guess what: Google treats websites that are mobile-friendly differently than those that aren’t. What’s that mean for you? If your website is going to be worthy of Google’s love, it’s gotta be mobile friendly.

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Construction Portfolio Examples: What type should your construction company use?

You may've seen our recent posts about projects sections on construction websites. In them, we talk a lot about how useful online portfolios are for building your construction company’s credibility, increasing time visitors spend on your site, & displaying your amazing abilities as a construction crew. What these posts don’t cover is the types of layouts you have to choose from, how they look and which would work best for your own construction business. It’s about time we talked about all that.

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RSS-to-Email Newsletter Integration: What is it and how can it help me market my business?

The amount of time and effort you put into keeping your website updated with fresh news and content is impressive. But do you ever wonder if your efforts are in vain? You might be asking yourself, "What can I do to make my process for delivering content to my audience more efficient?" Or maybe you’re wishing you had the time to send out an email newsletter but can’t seem to manage both that and updating your website too. We’ve found a simple solution to save you time and still get the marketing you need delivering content to your audiences effectively and efficiently.

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Mobility Worldwide receives the gift of online mobility with an inspiring new website!

With such an inspiring mission to give the gift of mobility around the world, the leaders of Mobility Worldwide wanted (and needed) a website to represent how their organization truly improves the lives of so many people. One that would create an instant emotional connection with its visitors. Unfortunately the website they had was more hindering than helpful. That's when they came to us to make a change, and we were more than honored to take on the task.

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