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Google My Business: How do I put my business on Google?

With the ever-evolving rules of local search and SEO algorithms and rankings, it’s hard to know what the perfect online presence looks like. From what we’ve found though, it starts with a properly-setup and accurate Google My Business listing.

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Build a Healthy Web Presence: a 5-Year Plan

Some people think a good web presence is having a pretty website.  And they’d be thinking along the same lines as the dude who thinks he’s healthy just because he hits the gym. There’s more to online health than just big muscles.

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RSS-to-Email: 5 Ways to Use Email Newsletter Integration on Your Website

Taking the plunge into integrating your email newsletter with your website? That's AWESOME. You won't regret it. You've got a lot of opportunities for taking advantage of this wondrous capability within your own company website. As long as the updates you’re making to your site can be pulled into your RSS feed, the structure for building your automated emails is generally the same.

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Paving Website Trends

As a whole, paving websites are not super modern or flashy. After reviewing over 100 paving industry sites from New York to San Francisco, I found about 25 sites to draw creative inspiration from and 75 sites I think may need to call to encourage an upgrade.

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How to Start a Business Blog: Our 5-Step Process

Taking on the task of starting a business blog can seem daunting, given blogging is a long-term “marathon” approach for building rapport with your online prospects rather than a “sprint” to generate leads. It’s not an overly complicated process, though. It’s just one that takes some forethought, planning, and discipline.

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