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How to take quality videos with your phone

Ignore these SEO myths for your own good!

One look at what people say about SEO will tell you that people don’t really understand how SEO works. Therefore, the industry, in general, could still use a little more work, at least in dispelling the pesky SEO myths that are going around, some of which are listed in this article...

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6 Ways to Make Your Social Media Stand Out on Facebook

We all pride ourselves on getting the job done right — on time and on budget. (We’ve actually been hard-pressed to find a construction company that doesn’t…) But what do you do when your social media efforts aren’t getting the kind of quality results your company is used to? Follow these five simple rules to improve your return on investment and make your company’s Facebook projects really stand out.

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AGC Golf Tournament Group Photos – July 23, 2018

Oh what fun it is to capture such wonderful moments with the awesome guys and gals who participated in the annual AGC MO Young Executives Club Golf Tourney... take a look!

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Wallace Family Meats moves to greener pastures…online!

What does a local beef producer do when selling beef at the feedlot just isn’t cutting it anymore? They come to us for a country chic website so they can grow their business online! Check out all the bells and whistles on Wallace Family Meats’ new online shop!

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How can I get more Likes for my Facebook Business Page?

Getting more Likes for your Facebook Business Page can be a daunting proposition, one that takes hard work and dedication — but with this easy-to-follow advice and a few step-by-step tips, you can easily jump-start your Facebook Business Page Likes and growth.

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Engage Millennials’ Charitable Side With Mobile Marketing

Millennials, who currently range between 18-35 years, are a tech-savvy generation that grew up using smartphones. As technology is a part of their day-to-day life, they expect and in fact demand for information to be easily accessible. And with such expectations and demands, they are changing the charitable scene big time.

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