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Facebook Fundamentals: How to Share Posts on Facebook

What’s the “free-ist” way to get the most new eyes on your Facebook business page’s social media posts? Shares! Our social media manager, Dana, probably has some great advice on this, but I have a quick, foolproof tip for you to do right now. SHARE IT YOURSELF.

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Facebook Fundamentals: How to Invite Friends to Like your Facebook Page

You can have the most beautiful Facebook Business Page in the world with great graphics, cool video, a cover image featuring you and Sir Ian McKellen, you can even have really awesomely creative posts — but until you have followers, IT DOESN’T MATTER. There are lots of ways you can gain followers, but sometimes you have to start small. In the case of Facebook Pages, that means getting more likes. The easiest way to do that (by far) is to simply invite your friends to like your page.

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Pop-Ups: Do they work?

Any time I encounter a conversation about pop ups, the word “annoying” inevitably crops up, but no one actually answers the question of whether or not they convert. With all this uncertainty, we felt it time to do some digging to find out for ourselves...

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SITE Golf Tournament Group Photos – August 20, 2018

Check out all the crazy, funny, cool photos we took of the teams participating in the SITE Improvement Association Golf Tournament!

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Star Heating and Air Conditioning's New Website

Star Heat heats up the web with a brand new website!

Mobile adaptiveness, clearly divided brands and a not-so-dated look. All things on Star Heat’s checklist for heating up the web with their newly designed website!

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MayeCreate Answers: Facebook Business Pages Redesign

Things are constantly changing in the online world. What does a template change even mean? More importantly: how will it affect your business? We know that change can be scary, but don’t panic — we are here with some quick and helpful MayeCreate Answers!

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