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What MayeCreate is “Into” Right Now: CoMoGives Edition

December at MayeCreate….what does that translate to exactly? It means the holidays are here, and CoMoGives season is here! While much of our collective brain power is devoted to doing what we can to ensure the campaign’s success, it’s not all work, work, work all month long. We’re also spending time with ourselves, our families, and our friends, old and new.

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How much does a website cost?

That is a great question. And I bet you’re having a very difficult time getting a straight answer—that’s because any salesperson worth their salt won’t tell you how much a website costs until you’re willing to sit down and listen to their sales pitch. In this article, I am going to cover the items that impact the cost of your website and provide sample estimates for each, so you can better understand the final cost and compare apples to apples.

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Columbia Audubon Society’s online habitat has been fully restored!

Columbia Audubon Society wanted a way in this modern world to spread awareness about their cause to new audiences, but how could they effectively get their content in front of a broader market? Why, with an all-new website, of course!

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Facebook Fundamentals: How to Make Your Posts More Engaging

How can we work to counteract recent Facebook changes to make sure our hard-earned content is still seen by the largest amount of people possible? Thankfully, the easiest answer (outside of paying Facebook to simply boost posts) is relatively obvious: Post awesome content that your followers would want to engage with, not just scroll by.

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