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MayeCreate Design: What We’re Into —“Here Comes Summer” Edition

Getting our fit on, performing in all kinds of ways, plus Smash Brothers and hanging from trees. More like — What isn’t MayeCreate into now? Monica Running Too Much I asked one of my college girlfriends, Laura, if she wanted to get together sometime this summer. We haven’t set aside the time to really hang

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We Built a New Website for Williams Construction, so They Can Build Everything Else

Williams Construction is no stranger to taking on risky projects. They realized they had become too comfortable with their old website, so they took on another sort of risk: they took a leap of faith and set out on a journey to search for a company who knew both construction and website design, lo and behold they found MayeCreate Design.

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Marketing Spend - Piggy bank with dollar coin. Neon sign element

How to Spend (or Not Spend) Your Marketing Budget During the Busy Season

As busy season gets underway and money flows in, it's hard to know where to focus your dollars and your marketing efforts — what to tackle first, second or table for later.

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MayeCreate: How To Use Keyword Research To Write Better Blog Posts

How To Use Keyword Research To Write Better Blog Posts

Researching keywords combines the creativity of blogging with the hard data of analytics, helping turn your aimless musings into content that targets your audience and encourages them to stay on your site.

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Missouri SMP: A Powerful, New Website for Empowering Seniors

Missouri SMP’s previous website was a bit... outdated, with navigation that didn’t make the most... sense. We gave them a new online face with a site that looks great, while also being highly accessible.

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Voice Recognition - a Comparison of Google Chrome Extensions - featured

Voice Recognition: a Brief Comparison of Dictation Extensions for Google Chrome

I love using dictation because it saves me so much time, and while I usually use Otter Voice Notes for my dictations, I'm looking for an application with the ability to open a browser window and voice type directly into a form field or email. So as I do with any process I'm looking to streamline, I turned to the trusty online search....

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Investing in Your Brand and People - People First

Investing in Your Brand & People

Hiring these days is more of a sales process rather than a recruitment process. One of the biggest misconceptions is that “Hiring is HR’s problem.” HR does play a big role in the process, but it’s a team effort to attract top talent who want to work for your company. How are we doing this at Superior Bowen? By investing in our Brand and our People. (By Jenna Henderson)

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Web Design Trends & Must Haves of 2019

As most of you must know by now (which most of you must know by now if you’re reading a blog post like this), times change, especially when it comes to the digital world. And so much of what drives the digital world is online in the form of a website. So, naturally, as trends shift in the web design industry, we’re oh-so-eager to present our favorite, most relevant must haves to help ensure your online success.

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Social Media Terms Explained

Facebook Fundamentals: Social Media Terms Explained

Facebook has grown from a tempestuous dorm room start-up to one of the biggest conglomerates in the world. Just as the platform has grown and evolved, the terminology we use to describe and understand it has changed as well.

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