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Meet Jason!

Hey, I’m Jason North, the newest member of the MayeCreate team. Who’s Jason in a nutshell? A marketing nerd who loves making cool stuff and getting great results for our clients.

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Sorenson Estates expands their dedication to conservation and preservation to the World Wide Web!

Sorenson Estates’ biggest website challenge was that it didn’t portray the beauty of their property’s landscape. When they came to MayeCreate, they had a website that was built quite some time ago and was therefore not up to current visual or technical standards. If you know anything about MayeCreate, these two things are our pride and joy.

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Best Engineering Websites 2019

Best Engineering Website Designs of 2019

Monica, Creative Director and Owner at MayeCreate, recently reviewed and scored 5 engineering websites based on the awesomeness and functionality of their Projects, Services, and Employment sections as well as the overall ease of use and creativity. Find out who takes the cake and who could use a little more love in this edition of "Best of 2019."

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SITE Clay Shoot Group Photos – October 16, 2019

We had a blast taking photos of all of the teams at the SITE Clay Shoot!

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How long does a website last?

Odds are good the cost of web development is more now than it was when you originally had your website built. That makes “How long does a website last?” a super valid question, and one that I hope I can shed some light on.

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Missouri Health Professions Consortium’s New Healthy and Professional Website

Missouri Health Professions Consortium (MHPC) needed a website, one that would help them proudly display what they do in way that highlighted their hands-on atmosphere and was easy for people to use. Naturally, we MayeCreaters were excited to work with MHPC to build a website that would successfully portray their brand and story while serving as a useful online tool for their existing students, prospective students, and staff. (Let’s face it though, when aren’t we excited?!)

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digital marketing tools

17 Digital Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without

How many times have you grabbed a scrap of paper to jot down the name of a tool or a product that could make your life easier? I know I’ve done it hundreds of times. I’m always looking to simplify and streamline my life — especially by using technology. Here are 17 online marketing tools that make my life easier, and I think they’ll do the same for you.

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