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Parts of a Social Media Marketing Plan

Parts of a Social Media Plan

Feeling overwhelmed with the idea of creating a social media plan? It’s all about breaking things into smaller pieces, right? We hear that everywhere, and it’s the same concept here. Your plan is a combination of where your assets and your strengths collide — those things combined with this four-part breakdown will help you build your plan.

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What are the MayeCreate Project Managers into these days?

Now a little older and wiser with experience and knowledge gained in 2019, our Project Managers here at MayeCreate are forging head-on into the challenges and joys of the account service life with the start of the new year. See what's in store for 2020 for these MayeCreaters!

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Market Your Business Online For Free - person holding phone up with screen that says "How bad do you want it?"

4 Step Plan to Market Your Business Online For Free

This plan is for you beginners out there who know they need to get started marketing their business online but have no idea where to start.  Before you begin pouring money into some online advertising deal, you need to pour your digital foundation.   1. Fix your Google My Business listing. We’re going to start quick

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McLeRoy New Website Featured Image

McLeRoy, Inc. incorporates integrity, quality, and hard work into their new website.

Working closely with owners, developers and design professionals, McLeRoy, Inc. provides expert general contracting, industrial and commercial construction services in the state of Georgia. They’re all about personalized service, ongoing and open communication, and unrivaled performance — all things we also try to go after here at MayeCreate, which really helped in the conception and creation of this new website.

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How the Start Market Reflects Generational Marketing - How to Market to Millennials

How the Stock Market Reflects Generational Marketing: Tips for How to Target Millennials

Building your brand and your marketing audience work exactly like the stock market: you have to invest in them. Even if it's just a small amount right now, so you can cash it in when you need it.

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Marketing Like a 401K

Above are the slides from Monica’s 2020 MAPA convention talk. If you’re interested in reliving the talk, you can read her presentation notes on how the stock market reflects generational marketing and a 4-step plan to market your business online for free.

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