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Must Have Website Updates for 2020

Most of the time when I write about websites, I talk about ways to improve user experience on your site by changing things you can see. Today, my eight must have updates are certainly things to improve user experience (and your relationship with Google), but they're all things that you can't see, so they're really easy to ignore. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t need to happen. Ignoring these updates is a bad plan.

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So…You’re not setting goals because you’re afraid. Don’t let me talk about you like that!

You can't take a road trip without a destination. I guess you could. But driving aimlessly with no plan is not how I road trip. So if you’re road trippin’ with me, we're setting the destination. Regardless, whatever roles you take in your life, you need to set your path and decide how you're going to fulfill those roles. It’s really not much different with your business.

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What are cookies? Exploring Website Cookies, Cookie Privacy and Cookie Consent

What’s all this cookie business? Exploring Cookies, Cookie Privacy and Cookie Consent

Let's snack on some cookie info and clear up some of the stigma associated with them by explaining what they are and how they're used. Then you can make more of an educated decision about whether to accept or decline the cookie and choose how to handle them on your own website.

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Ronald McDonald House ✔️s “amazing new website” off their Wish List!

Despite all of incredible things Ronald McDonald House Charities does for families in mid-Missouri, they struggled with a less-than-cool website and thought it could stand some simplifying, as well as offer easier access to the abundant resources, events, and information at their disposal. And while laying out a website with as much content as this can feel at first like quite a daunting chore, it was so fun with the design we were privileged to create for them.

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Setting goals in social media marketing - construction worker taking photo of job site

Setting Goals for Social Media Marketing in Construction: Establishing the “Why”

“Why on earth am I doing this?” is a question many companies ask themselves about the efforts they put into social media marketing. When I think about goal setting for social media marketing, the goal needs to have a why behind it. Establishing why you're doing social media is the first step towards setting your goals. And without goals, it's really tough to build your plan and evaluate it.

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How to Edit Your Facebook Profile: Updating Your Call-to-Action Button

I encourage anyone with a Facebook page to customize the call-to-action button featured under your cover image. It gives your page visitors instant access to do more with you or learn more about you, you don’t have to pay for it, and it makes you look more legit. Plus, there are a lot of button options available that can help promote just about any kind of business or organization, from nonprofits and small businesses to hotels and online shops.

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