Written by MayeCreate’s founder Monica Pitts and originally published in Applied Equipment Paving magazine.  Check out Applied Equipment Paving and the informative resources it has to offer for pavement maintenance contractors.

A good website builds credibility and divides your company from the pack.  Leave a lasting impression with website visitors by including these 5 must haves on your site:

1. Photos of Your Work

Quality images are mandatory.  They show the quality of your work and the scope of your abilities.  Each page of your site should share related imagery.  The most visited page of any website is the home page.  The second most visited page, if it’s available, is a photo gallery.  Add photo galleries of work in progress and completed projects to your services pages and also group them for display on a page just for photos.  Call this page or section: Our Work, Completed Projects, Portfolio or Photo Gallery.

2. Contact Info

Put your contact information front and center.  Don’t make visitors dig for it.  Consider placing your phone number and email in the upper right corner of each page and also in the footer.  But don’t forget a contact page as well.  Contact pages are a staple on every site.  It’s conventional to have the contact button last on the list of pages across the top of your site.  

On your Contact page, and Services pages as well, tell visitors who to contact for what.  Include a photo of your staff members with their contact information.  Visitors will feel more confident calling Bob, whose face they have seen, about their driveway project than calling a 1-800 number and being forced to navigate through a phone tree.

3. Testimonials or Reviews

Almost 9 out of 10 consumers looked at reviews in 2014 to help them make a decision on a local business, according to Bright Local’s Consumer Review Survey.  And MarketingCharts.com reported 68% of Millennials, consumers age 19-35, trust consumer generated content, including reviews, almost as much as a referral from their friends and family.  So testimonials are a must.  Mix them in with the content on your services pages and throughout the rest of the site where they fit best.  Don’t just leave them on a page all by themselves, that makes the comments seem less genuine.  Include a name, city or company and photo of the customer or project with the quote to build credibility.

4. Separate Residential and Commercial Services

Instead of trying to speak to everyone in one broad stroke, speak to each audience individually.  Residential and commercial customers often have different needs, concerns and project types.  Address their concerns specifically and separately on different pages or sections of your website to build confidence and let viewers know you understand their situation.

Monica holding up APE Magazine

Monica showing off her published article in APE Magazine.

5. Personality

Be you, not who you think your customers want you to be on you website.  Be proud of who you are professionally and personally.  Don’t be afraid to share awards you’ve won, photos of your staff, their pets, company picnics and the stories about your journey to the company you are today.  Highlight your community involvement and showcase logos of organizations you’re affiliated with like the BBB, national organizations like NAPA, state organizations and your local chamber of commerce.  

Don’t be afraid to show and tell people what makes you great. I know it sounds corny.  Consider this, if your website doesn’t tell your story then it’s just a boilerplate website of every other paving company out there.  And you don’t do what you do because you’re mediocre and just scraping it together. You do what you do because you’re the best, don’t be afraid to let that show. 


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