To pay or not to pay, that’s the question…or is it?  There are many paid solutions available for web development.  Often paid solutions can compliment free framework.  We often purchase robust plug-ins to extend the functionality of our WordPress sites.  We find they’re great compliments to the open source platform because they offer regular updates, an extended documentation, more features and responsive support.

Is an open source framework the right choice for your project?

open source web software

Joomla, WordPress and Drupal are all open source web development tools.

So why  do we use an open source solution, such as WordPress, for our development framework instead of purchasing a software?  We can think of 5 outstanding reasons:

  1. Great Price (FREE) – Open source software is free and available to the public to use and reuse as often as needed.

  2. Support – User and developer communities are available for answers to questions about anything from installation to utilization by the end user.

  3. Quality – One of the major benefits of open source software is the public collaboration behind each project. Most open source projects are created by tens of thousands of programmers all collaborating to create, and improve upon, a flawless website framework. When building software from scratch all avenues must be explored to ensure maximum expandability of the program.  Often needs and ideas for expansion are not discovered until it’s too late and the program must be re-constructed to incorporate the new pieces which can lead to a less reliable program and increased cost for development.

  4. Longevity – Open source software is continually improved by the development community and contributors enabling the users to update the site, freeing it from bugs as they arise and allowing the site to be active longer before the site’s codes are antiquated.

  5. Developer Options – With thousands of developers already 100% knowledgeable with the software framework, any open source friendly company can work on the website.  Eliminating the need to use a single development company because you are stuck using their proprietary software.

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