Our skin is our outer protection from nature’s elements and it’s important to keep it in tip-top shape. Dermatology offices aren’t just for facials and blemish treatments; Central Missouri Dermatology & Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery provides a wide variety of cosmetic dermatological services, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of all skin, hair and nail diseases.
Central Missouri Dermatology & Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery, originally Columbia Dermatology & Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery, has been a long time client of MayeCreate Design, beginning with an original logo and website in 2010. After several years and a slight name change, they were ready to modernize their designs.



MayeCreate began the redesign endeavor with a logo revision. Central Mo Derm knew they wanted something fresh, new and somewhat abstract but had no real thoughts on the matter. Part of our logo design process is to sit down with our client and decipher the direction in which they’d like their logo graphic to go. Do they like a more circular icon? Or would they like something more square?

The Designer’s Two Cents: Tyler

I really enjoy these types of logos where we get to make the icon from scratch. During the first part of the project I get to sit with my sketch pad and go, just draw and draw and draw. And it is great. There aren’t many times you get to do that as a designer; most of the time it’s quick sketches to get your concept. Then, before you know it, you are digitizing your sketches. Logo design is nice because I get to spend quality time with my sketch book.
Central Missouri Dermatology Logo Sketches

A portion of Tyler’s sketches for the Central Mo. Derm logo. (Click for a larger view.)

Central Missouri Dermatology Logo

The end result! (Click for a larger view.)


MayeCreate originally designed Columbia Dermatology a website back in 2010, and the site served them well. However, after the creation of their new, modern logo, a website redesign was imperative to maintain consistent branding.

The new, more organized and clean site is a perfect collection of information about Central Missouri Dermatology & Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery and the services they provide. Navigating through the site is a breeze with clear paths toward where the visitor is interested in traveling. Contact information is aptly displayed on each page, should viewers be solely looking to contact the clinic. The site includes a blog where informational healthy skin tips can be found, like sunscreen information and the importance of skin checks.

The Designer’s Two Cents: Tyler

Because I designed the logo, I got to create something that would be used in every part of their branding. Having a hand in the logo design makes creating the website a little easier because you already started the thought process a long time ago.

Because I created the logo I had such an intimate relationship with the icon. That made it really easy to know how I wanted to use the graphic for accents and in different places around the design.

Old Columbia Dermatology Website

Old Columbia Dermatology website. (Click for a larger view.)

Central Missouri Dermatology Website

New Columbia Dermatology website! (Click for a larger view.)

Business Cards

At the same time we were busy working on the website, business cards were in the works.

The challenge for this set of cards were the backs. Central Mo Derm has several locations; some of the cards needed to have up to 3 addresses on the backs, in addition to the “Next Appointment” information. Displaying the majority of the content horizontally allowed for a perfect fit!

Central Missouri Dermatology Business Cards

Click for a larger view.

The Designer’s Two Cents: Sadie

Tyler designed such a cool logo for this client that desgining the business cards was super fun! I referred to the website, when I began sketching, to try and keep consistency throughout all of the client’s marketing items.

I believe I’ve said it before, but I really love when design elements fall off the edge of the “page”, so I knew I wanted an aspect like that, hence the swooping line on the front of the card. It falls off the page, and perfectly “cups” the logo, bringing attention to our client’s name.

I also love low opacity design elements, which I used on the back of the card with the logo icon. As far as the check boxes are concerned, I didn’t want to do typical, boring boxes, so I made check circles!

Letterhead & Envelopes

Central Missouri Dermatology Envelope and Letterhead

Click for a larger view.

To complement business cards, letterhead and envelopes were created. The letterhead and envelopes were clearly designed with the business card layout in mind with the same concept of the swooping line cradling the logo and contact information. The letterhead footer is completed with a simple, clean design.

The envelopes feature the same logo/swooping line feature with the addition of a light version of the logo icon.

The Designer’s Two Cents: Sadie

I always enjoy doing multiple projects for one client. It allows for utilizing the same elements but finding different ways to display them while keeping consistency in mind. Clearly the logo and swooping line are used across the board, but the logo icon and line elements are used throughout in different ways.

Even though the elements are used in varying ways, the end result is a cohesive collection of marketing pieces.

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