We love the Columbia Farmers Market. I mean, who doesn’t?? The market is full of beautiful produce, sweet jellies, lush plants, trinkets and more. Come early and you’ll get lost in the smells of coffee, fresh breakfast burritos; shop a little later and enjoy some honey ice cream and some local music. Let’s not forget the awesome sellers of all these goods; you may leave with a new friend or two.
Columbia Farmers Market Marketing Materials

Marketing Galore

We did a bunch of printwork for the Columbia Farmers Market. And I have to say, I was quite excited to be able to work on it all! Stacy came to me and said, “You’re gonna get to design a brochure for the Farmers Market!” Yay!!

But we didn’t just stop at the brochure… Read on to see all of the lovely materials we created for the Columbia Farmers Market.

Z-Fold Brochure

Columbia Farmers Market Brochure

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Initially, the Farmers Market was interested in a brochure; an informational take-away to be available at the Market.

The brochure informs Market lovers of the standard hours and locations of the Market throughout the year, but that’s not all. Information regarding various market terms is also presented, informing those Market newbies what some terms like “heirloom” technically mean. Also provided is info on why farmers markets are important and how they benefit local communities.

Inside the brochure is the pièce de résistance: a chart illustrating which produce is available in which season. For those foodies who like to eat according to the season, or perhaps chefs who revolve their menu around fresh, seasonal produce, they can refer to this chart and easily see what will be available when.

8.5 x 11 Flyer

Next up for the Columbia Farmers Market was a flyer showcasing the Market hours and locations throughout the year. This one-sided piece was created to be displayed in the windows of shops around Columbia. The flyer definitely keeps with the style we have going here, incorporating the ribbon headers and the ground and sun ray graphics.

4×6 Postcard

Lastly, the Columbia Farmers Market postcard! This particular postcard wasn’t meant to be mailed, but rather to act more as a smaller take-away version of the flyer. Similar to the flyer, it offers the same information, just in a smaller format!

The Designer’s Six Cents: Sadie

I think these materials may be my most favorite thing I’ve designed here at MayeCreate. I really adore the Columbia Farmers Market and to get to design some printwork for them? HOW COOL. I took a look at their logo and my mind went running.

Their logo has such great elements, it wasn’t difficult to utilize the shapes and colors in interesting ways. When I design, I really love to find ways for elements to nestle into each other. For example, on the brochure the text curving with the same line as the fork/plant. Or with the postcard, how the contact information is all cozy with the sun rays around it.

My favorite part of the all the printwork is the brochure’s Eating in Season chart. I didn’t want to create your standard box boring chart, so I sort of created a chart without it actually being a chart! And aren’t those little shopping bags cute?? I mean, c’mon!

Columbia Farmers Market Brochure

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The End Result

The end result is a cohesive set of marketing materials that can serve an array of purposes!

The Project Manager’s Two Cents: Stacy

I thought it was really awesome that they came to us already with a logo in hand. The logo itself had a number of design elements that we could incorporate into the design of the marketing materials so everything could easily stay cohesive. Timeliness was important, so we did a couple short runs in order to have brochures for the start of the market. Afterwards, we ordered the remaining large runs to complete the full order.

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