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As of May 14, 2014 we have updated our tutorial slideshow and now it’s all fancy-like with new screenshots and directions. You may find it here.

Most of our clients are satisfied with a monthly overview email.  But some are as geeky as the MayeCreate staffers, craving more data, wanting to dig deeper into their monthly website traffic patterns to tweak and improve. For those of you who would like to be added to your Google Analytics profile it’s no problem at all, just let us know.  The only thing you’ll need is a registered Google account.  If you have Gmail, Google Business Center listings or Picasa you’ve already have a Google Account, so you’ll just need to send us your user name.  But if you have never registered with Google you’ll need to proceed with the steps outlined in the tutorial below.

Creating a Google Account to Access Analytics

Some of you may manage your own Google Analytics account and occasionally need to add a user. A few steps complete the sign up process outlined in the tutorial below.

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