All Group Fitness has a home!

recently_completed_allgroupfitness Walk in the door and you will know this is not a typical “gym”. All Group Fitness is Columbia’s first facility that offers only fitness classes. No weight machines, treadmills, tracks, pools or courts…just classes. You will find a variety of classes at times to suit your schedule. From low impact to high, cardio to strength, slow to fast paced…there is a perfect “fit” for you.

The show must go on.

This site is unique due to it’s “spotlight is on you” theater theme. We incorporated the theater feel, also used as the decor in the facility, in the text and in the visuals by using ticket stubs as links, spotlights as the background and a theater marque as the header. We added vibrant purples, greens and oranges to bring flare to the theme and inspire viewers to take the stage and try a class.

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