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Meet Della: 5 Things Baby Della Can Teach You About Digital Marketing

We were really, really excited to meet little Della, Julie's baby, and now that she’s here we think she’s pretty wonderful. How wonderful? So amazingly, awesomely, stupendously wonderful that Julie wanted to share 5 quick facts about Della (and their digital marketing corollaries) with you, our loyal reader. Enjoy!

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How to Know if Your Social Media Sucks (According to the Metrics)

So, you have a Facebook page, and you’re making posts. Great! How will you know if you’re wasting your time? What are you going to track to make sure this isn’t just a giant pain with no tangible results? The answer, my friend, is metrics!

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Lear Werts, LLP lays down the law on the web with an all new website!

The lawyers at Lear Werts LLP offer clients a unique level of representation, so they wanted their new website to be modern, a little bit fun, yet still professional... We love to show off our clients' personalities, and this group of talented lawyers had a lot for us to work with.

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Facebook Fundamentals: How to Share Posts on Facebook

What’s the “free-ist” way to get the most new eyes on your Facebook business page’s social media posts? Shares! Our social media manager, Dana, probably has some great advice on this, but I have a quick, foolproof tip for you to do right now. SHARE IT YOURSELF.

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Facebook Fundamentals: How to Invite Friends to Like your Facebook Page

You can have the most beautiful Facebook Business Page in the world with great graphics, cool video, a cover image featuring you and Sir Ian McKellen, you can even have really awesomely creative posts — but until you have followers, IT DOESN’T MATTER. There are lots of ways you can gain followers, but sometimes you have to start small. In the case of Facebook Pages, that means getting more likes. The easiest way to do that (by far) is to simply invite your friends to like your page.

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