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Custom Web Design vs. Website Template

Need a new website but not sure whether you should spend the money for a custom design or just stick with the free to little cost of a website template? Check out our list of pros and cons of custom websites vs. website templates to find out which site best fits your company’s needs.

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Huffington Post Break Up Letter

Did you know baby carrots don’t grow perfectly from the ground like that? Apparently Huffington Post didn’t, and found it newsworthy enough to write a whole article about it claiming baby carrots are a lie. As much as we’d love to smash our faces into our desks after reading it, we decided we’d write a breakup letter instead. Read our goodbye to HP.

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Why I’m Not Going to Sell You a Website

A salesperson not selling? Yep that’s what I said. Salesperson vs. Consultant When in the market for a new car, how often do you have a salesperson try to sell you a vehicle that you don’t want? For me, it is only EVERY time I’ve ever gone to a car lot until I found David.

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33 Items that Should be on your Trade Show Packing List

There’s nothing worse than showing up for a tradeshow and realizing you forgot something you need.  Showing up prepared also makes it easier to make friends right from the beginning because you can let them borrow your supplies! The following is a list of items that are easy to forget on your way out the

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7 Things Every Trade Show Booth Needs

Have you ever participated in a trade show that seemed to provide great results for other businesses but you just didn’t see the benefit? Sometimes just being there isn’t enough. With hundreds of booths the show goer can’t make it to all of them. How do you get them to stop at yours? Better yet,

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7 Signs You Need a Mobile Website

Mobile device usage is at an all-time high, with 91% of all people on earth having a mobile phone and 56% of people owning a smart phone as of 2013. But what do these statistics mean to you, a business owner with a website? It means that it’s time to consider if having a mobile

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