Just because you work with folks who are fine as aged wine doesn’t mean you can’t have a website. Barnes Healthcare Management (& Regional Geriatric Associates) worked with us to achieve a successful website. From the unique design that looks like a file folder with paper clips and other fun design elements to the text written from the heart with a punch of style this website says we care.

The Difference Care Makes

Barnes Healthcare Management Site

Barnes Healthcare Management Site

One of the main goals for the site was to present a professional look at their services and competitive advantages. After all, Barnes Healthcare Management is the group that treats elderly in nursing homes exclusively. Your nursing home is their private practice. Viewers can take a look at their current staff, services offered and read about the company’s history online. The What Makes Us Different section was designed to share their competitive advantages and draw in potential clients.

Design and content go hand in hand to present the best version of Barnes. If you’re looking for highly qualified, experienced physicians, talented nurses and knowledgeable administrative staff, we encourage you to contact Barnes.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for highly qualified designers, experienced project managers and a talented art director, we think you should call us. We have a staff prepped and ready for your next endeavour. Check out our past work and then get your pride on and give us a call.

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