Helping to keep Mizzou Strong

Considering the fact that the majority of our office is made up of MU Alumni, it only makes sense that we jumped on this project. The Boone County Alumni Association is a fine group of Tiger alums who work hard in our community to make Mizzou stronger through volunteer work and other community involvement. Not only that but the association is very adamant about scholarships fundraising so that the best and brightest of Boone County get the chance to go to college.

Cool people deserve cool web sites

Besides the fact that the organization is awesome, there site is pretty cool as well. I would hope so, after all we made it…


But anyway, this particular site has some cool built in functionality that should be talked about. They happen to have an event section that can take down event postings after the event has happened, or the minute that the event starts. On top of that it just looks awesome. It of course has a black and gold motif but you’re not slapped across the face with it, and there is a subtle maroon color to accent headings across the site. The way that the fonts and colors work together to make a public image for the foundation is just awesome.

Are you a cool group that needs a cool site?

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