Recently, MayeCreate Design attended the MicroBusiness Fair in Columbia. While in attendance, decided to have a little beauty pageant, business card beauty pageant that is. We randomly selected 12 business cards that we have designed over the years and placed them on our pageant board for all to see.

Public Vote

Those who stopped by to visit us were very interested in what we had going on. After explaining the pageant and voting process, we asked them to be the judges. The judges choose their favorite cards for 2 different categories;  Congeniality and Best in Show. Here’s how we defined the categories:

Congeniality: This card may not be the most professional but it should be friendly. Choose your absolute favorite for this prize, the one that reminds you of your best friend.

Best in Show: This design should showcase mastery of business card etiquette. Make sure the information is easy to read and all elements come together in harmony. Look for pleasing color and a professional appearance. If first impressions could close the sale this business card would have you at hello!

And the winner is…

Ballots were casted and the numbers were very close, but we do have our winners! Drum-roll please!

Congeniality: The Super Boles Team and Lawrence, Oliver and Associates

Business Card Beauty Pageant Winners for Congeniality

Best in Show: EasyPC , Global First Responders, and The Strand Salon and Spa

Business Card Beauty Pageant Best in Show Winners

Thank you to all who participated in the voting process. Congrats to the winners and in our eyes, all of our clients are best in show.

Do you need a new design?

If you were one of our many judges and realized that your business card wouldn’t do so well in the beauty pageant, check out the print design we’ve done and give us a call! We’d love to help you out and get your card back into pageant shape.

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