MayeCreate at Jeff City Business Expo

At MayeCreate Design, we take business expos VERY seriously.

MayeCreate held a spot at THREE business expos in the past 6 months. Phew! While they were a lot of work, as business expos tend to be, they were successful as well as fun! At a couple of the expos we invited people to vote in a friendly competition and at the biggest expo we invited them to meet the doctor.

Columbia Chamber Small Business Exhibition

Small Business Exhibition

Stacy and Cody looking hip at the MayeCreate booth.

MayeCreate Project Manager, Stacy Brockmeier, attended with Tranquility Internet Sales Technician, Cody Ballew, the two held down the fort at the Chamber’s Small Business Exhibition.

In between talking with passersby, Stacy and Cody involved people in a little game of “2013 Before & After”. At MayeCreate we not only create websites from scratch but we also update existing websites, some of which were even created by ourselves years ago.

After watching a short slideshow featuring past and present versions of MayeCreate designed, or updated, websites booth visitors could vote on which updated website was the coolest. People’s reactions were awesome, “Oh yeah! The newer one!” “Wow, look at that!”; the information priceless. (Who doesn’t enjoy hearing they do a good job?!?)

data & design magazine

We showed off the first edition of our publication: data / design.

Interacting with Visitors

Stacy chatting with good friends ___ and ___.

Held close to Halloween, this small business expo had some tricks and treats up its sleeves. Viewers and visitors could participate in a fun scavenger hunt — while munching on candy many of the booths were offering. Everyone at MayeCreate loves candy.

Jeff City Chamber Business Showcase

The second showcase MayeCreate was a part of was the Business Showcase in Jefferson City. At this expo, the MayeCreate booth also offered the “2013 Before & After” competition but this time there were prizes for participation!

Stacy and Scruggs Lumber

Stacy and the Scruggs Lumber ladies looking pretty.


Those who participated in our survey received rad slap bracelets and dayglo slinkies.

This showcase was a bit larger, including wineries from around the area offering samples. Visitors could leisurely walk from booth to booth sipping on small cups of wine. (Fancy!)

Sadie and Stacy both had their spine alignment tested at the Palmer College of Chiropractic booth and Stacy had a good visit with the lovely ladies of Scruggs Lumber.

Columbia Business Showcase

Columbia Business Showcase

Step into the doctor’s office.

Our third and final trade show was the Columbia Business Showcase held at the Expo Center; it was the pièce de résistance. Teaming up with Tranquility, we created a doctor’s office for those whose Internet and marketing were feeling a bit under the weather.

Columbia Business Showcase

Marketing patients got a chance to consult Dr. Monica.

While someone always held down the fort at the office, MayeCreate and Tranquility nurses scoured the crowd searching for patients for our Health Quizzes. After asking several in-depth questions, the Tranquility and MayeCreate doctors were able to figure out the best options for ill Internet and Marketing that needed a boost.

Columbia Business Showcase

Our booth was wicked awesome, styled up like a doctor’s office. Even Daffy and Bugs stopped by for a health check!

While the showcase is over, you can still take your Internet and marketing temperatures! Visit the Marketing Health Report and Internet Health Report to figure out what your business may be in need of.

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