A Capable Cause Struggling with an Incapable Website

In 2012, we built the website for the Penn Vet Working Dog Center. Our contact at Penn Vet recalled the awesome work we did on that website and contacted us to take on much-needed website renovations for new project, Capable Canine. Her goals were to condense some of the content for a more uniform feel, modernize the look of the site, and streamline training course registration with online signup forms.

A Program Geared Toward Unleashing your Canine’s Capabilities

Capable Canine is a program based in Philadelphia, PA combining education and practice from authorities across disciplines and around the world to create a unique training program and some of the best detection dogs in the world. Their website is designed to provide public access to knowledge and tools behind one of the nation’s top scientifically based detection dog breeding and training program, helping you to unleash your dog’s full potential.

When they approached us to help streamline their process, we were honored to help in any way we could.

Revamp #1: A Modern Look

Our first order of business was to increase the page width for a more contemporary feel. And so…we did… Not much else to say on that, sometimes something as small as this can go a long way towards modernizing a site, just take a look for yourselves:

Capable Canine's Updated Website Home Page

Home Page BEFORE

Capable Canine's Updated Website Home Page

Home Page AFTER

Revamp #2: Consistent & Streamlined Training Class Information

The original Capable Canine Training Classes page showed distorted course images with descriptions underneath, creating a jumbled and confusing layout for the page. The images were unclickable with links to the class pages underneath, not the most intuitive user interface.

We reformatted the Training Classes page so images would display at the same size throughout for improved uniformity. The images are clickable too with course descriptions appearing as you hover over them. Capable Canine wanted to give prominence to class sponsors and other pertinent course information, so we added custom fields for each course to include sponsor names, image taglines with additional class info, and class descriptions. Using the custom fields allows Capable Canine to share information in a uniform way without learning to code, they just fill in the blanks and voila!

Capable Canine's Updated Training Classes Page

Another thing that’s ideal about custom fields is the information in those fields can appear not just on the Training Classes page but in multiple places on the website. When the information is updated, those updates also apply wherever the information appears within the site.

For Instance…

Looking at the above image of the Training Classes page, you’ll see the aforementioned course images with sponsor names, additional course info and class descriptions displayed in image overlays (that is, if information is put into those respective fields for that course).

Below, you’ll see the same course image, sponsor and tagline on the course’s page header, and all of it’s being pulled from the same corresponding custom fields. If someone changes the information in either of those fields, it will update in both of these places. So cool!

Capable Canine's Updated Training Class Pages

Note: Font size has been increased on the browser to improve image readability

Revamp #3: New Sign-Up Forms for Training Classes

When you click on an image from the Training Classes page, you’re taken to the individual class page with additional info a registration form. Above the form, you’ll see class prerequisites and an option to opt-in to the Capable Canine newsletter, something else they thought would be ideal to include so that visitors could register and sign up for the newsletter simultaneously.

Capable Canine's Updated Training Class Signup Forms

Are you looking to add signup forms to your website too?

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