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Marketing Project Management 101

At its root, making sure your marketing gets done is simply project management. And good project management looks a lot like goal setting: first, you outline the process, then you break it down into the smallest components, next you assign due dates to everything, and finally you do the work. But how do you actually make sure it all gets done? We break it down for you by showing you how we do things here at MayeCreate.

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MayeCreate: How To Use Keyword Research To Write Better Blog Posts

How To Use Keyword Research To Write Better Blog Posts

Researching keywords combines the creativity of blogging with the hard data of analytics, helping turn your aimless musings into content that targets your audience and encourages them to stay on your site.

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How to Write a Blog Post: Our Step-by-Step Formatting Process

Did you know there are ways to write and format your blog posts that not only help to engage your readers and hold their attention but can also boost SEO for your website? Say what?! Yeah. No joke.

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ST Sales drives home a new webpage!

ST Sales provides an array of equipment from trucking to agriculture, so they needed a website that allowed their customers to purchase equipment online. We are proud to have worked with ST Sales to create an online shopping cart feature for their new website!

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Uncovering Blog Inspiration: What should I write about in my blog?

Once you’ve gone through the preliminary steps of planning for purposeful content, deciding on an appropriate tone to use when speaking to your target audience and then thinking about which online mediums you’re going to distribute your material on, take a break for a few days. Let your thoughts simmer before you jump right into

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Bridge the Gap: Marketing to Your Online Audience

We know people are online. The question is how do we connect with them as a business? Before you begin to create your online marketing messages, you need to have a good idea of who you are talking to and where they will be able to consume your online content. Every business is unique because

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