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5 Key Insights from our Construction Website Benchmark Report

The goal with our recent construction website benchmark report was to give construction companies a frame of reference when tracking the successes (and failures) of their respective websites. It’s not always easy though to see what the numbers mean in relation to the quality of your website. From our data we gathered a few insightful conclusions about the way these metrics might influence you to change or update your site. Five to be exact...

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Construction Websites Benchmark Report

Having a website for your construction company is great, arguably even essential for getting new business. However, simply having a website isn’t always enough to achieve your online marketing goals. Before you start making improvements to your website you’ll likely need to know how people are using it. You may get a monthly report on

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Google Analytics: Accounting for your Website

Google Analytics is like a profit and loss report for your website. It allows you to interpret how visitors interact with your website and gauge it’s success. Here’s how we sort through a report step by step.

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