Construction SEO

Types of Google Search Listings

Google. A word that is now synonymous with “look it up” and to every business owner also doubles for “opportunity” and “what the heck”. Your listing in Google is the often the first encounter people have with your business. You want your Google listing to be as influential as possible. But with all the kinds of listings how does Google determine who gets what?

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Google My Business: How do I put my business on Google?

With the ever-evolving rules of local search and SEO algorithms and rankings, it’s hard to know what the perfect online presence looks like. From what we’ve found though, it starts with a properly-setup and accurate Google My Business listing.

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SEO for your Construction Website

Ever wonder why your company’s name doesn’t pop up at the top of the list when you “Google” it? Well we’ve got the answer; it’s your SEO!

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How SEO Works

SEO, search engine optimization, like the internet can be a hard concept to wrap your mind around.  It’s all so intangible.  It used to be that all you had to do was put in a few keywords and your site would pop up at the top of search engine listings.  Things seemed pretty black and

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