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How to Start Social Media Marketing - Kick Start Your Campaign

How to Kick Start Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

You’ve decided you're ready to kick off your social media marketing campaign, and you're probably wondering, "Where do I start?" This past year when evaluating our own social media strategy, MayeCreate went back to basics, utilizing our own social media playbook to devise a social media plan — and we’re here to share that with you now so you can learn from our past mistakes!

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Facebook: How to Like Other Pages as Your Page - Featured Image

Facebook Fundamentals: How to Like Other Pages as your Page

This guide will quickly take you through all the steps of liking another business page as your own business page (and then offer a few insightful reasons on why doing so is a good idea).

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How to Know if Your Social Media Sucks (According to the Metrics)

So, you have a Facebook page, and you’re making posts. Great! How will you know if you’re wasting your time? What are you going to track to make sure this isn’t just a giant pain with no tangible results? The answer, my friend, is metrics!

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Facebook Fundamentals: How to Make Your Posts More Engaging

How can we work to counteract recent Facebook changes to make sure our hard-earned content is still seen by the largest amount of people possible? Thankfully, the easiest answer (outside of paying Facebook to simply boost posts) is relatively obvious: Post awesome content that your followers would want to engage with, not just scroll by.

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Facebook Fundamentals: Hashtag vs. At (# vs. @)

Hashtags and social tags (also called tags, labels, mentions or “ats”) are essential tools in your social media arsenal. Understanding what they are, how they work, and how to best employ them will allow you to increase your social media reach efficiently — increasing your results, without increasing the work.

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Making a Plan for Your Facebook Campaign

Are you a little mermaid or did your boss tell you to do it? Read our latest blog to understand that reference, and to learn how to successfully craft a plan for your next Facebook campaign!

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MayeCreate Answers: Facebook Business Pages Redesign

Things are constantly changing in the online world. What does a template change even mean? More importantly: how will it affect your business? We know that change can be scary, but don’t panic — we are here with some quick and helpful MayeCreate Answers!

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MayeCreate Answers: The Facebook Data Breach

In light of Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg’s April 10th congressional hearing, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Facebook data breach. If you’re starting to wonder what’s up with all the Facebook chatter you’ve been hearing, let us catch you up to speed.

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Page Likes vs. Follows on Facebook: What’s the Difference?

You know when your coworker asks, “Have you Liked our business Facebook Page yet?” and since you have, you respond with a confident “Yep!” Now that Facebook provides both Like AND Follow options, we decided to take a look at what that actually means these days.

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How to Use Facebook to Promote your Construction Company

Although we might not typically think of interacting with construction companies in the same place we post cute pictures of our dogs or share statuses about a fabulous weekend at the beach, Facebook is a valuable marketing tool even for the construction industry. Learn the 5 steps to marketing your construction company on Facebook to take advantage of this social platform.

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