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Time Saving Tips for Promoting & Running Your Online Event

Today we’re going to talk about time-saving tips for promoting and running your online event. I’m going to focus on nonprofits here, but really, all of us businesses can learn a thing or two from nonprofits and nonprofits can certainly learn a thing or two from businesses as well. In my belief, a good business

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Grow Your Email List – 6 Tricks that Work

The first big step (and really never ending part) of email marketing is building your list. But who has time to test out everything and see what sticks? You want tricks that work! In this post, we'll look at how to grow your email list with a few really simple tricks you could put into play right away that won't take a lot of extra time but will really help you grow your list.

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tips for writing effective emails

6 Tips for Writing Effective Emails

There is an art to sending emails. The first step is following the three basic golden rules, which are: don't spam, be a friend and automate your emails. If you're going to start implementing email marketing as part of your marketing mix, you probably also want to know all of the ins and outs about making emails. Here, I’ll cover techniques and guidelines — six to be exact — for crafting better emails.

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why email marketing is important - featured

Why Email Marketing is Important

Email marketing isn’t a virtual stick that you poke people with to remind them that you exist. It can be utilized for a variety of purposes — it works, it’s inexpensive, and if you’re not sending crap to people who don’t want it, it's a great way to generate leads and return business for your company.

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