Creating the Perfect Tweet

Is your Twitter game #offpoint? Ever wonder why your tweets don’t get a couple retweets, let alone thousands? Try out a formula we found to create the perfect tweet!

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Who’s on Twitter?

Twitter Users Impact How Businesses Use Twitter Although I’ve never personally got into the groove of hashtagging and tweeting my every thought and move on Twitter, many individuals and businesses alike find the social media site extremely appealing. It’s a fairly simple platform to use that allows people to quickly connect with friends, colleagues, businesses,

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Twitter Lovers: We’ll be tweeting!

In addition to following MayeCreate Design on Facebook you can now also follow us on Twitter! Follow @MayeCreate.

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How to Set Up a Company Twitter Account

Step 1: Sign up for a new account. Go to When you get to, you’ll see this page: Click Sign Up at the top right corner and enter your full name, email and desired password. You’ll then be prompted to add a phone number for your account or you can skip this step

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