Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning's new website.

Family Values

By doing what it takes to guarantee your complete satisfaction, Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning has been made welcome in thousands of homes in central Missouri.

They started in 1958 as Chapman Heating. Back then, there was no air conditioning. Now, they service many brands and specialize in furnace repair, as well as heat pumps and geothermal systems.

Sure, they’ve grown and invested in new technologies and training, but Chapman still prides themselves on never losing sight of the three secrets to business Grandpa taught them: 1) Take care of the customer; 2) Take care of the customer; 3) Take care of the customer.

Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning was a pleasure to work with because they incorporate the same family values as we do: quality, value and service.

Color Perspective

The color pallet of red and yellow would normally not work well together. Red and yellow are both primary colors, meaning they cannot be created from mixing other colors together. In many cases, these two colors would clash because they are competing against each other.

However, Chapman’s red and yellow surprisingly blend quite well. Even though the colors complimented one another, it made designing a tad challenging. It was difficult to not out do one color over the other, but it made for a fun competition.  

The staff page is another unique aspect of the website. The page randomly pulls information about each staff member to highlight, changing every time you reload the page.

Overall, Chapman ended up with an admirable design. In addition, Chapman was a fantastic company to work with. These two elements combined always make for a superb relationship.

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