You’ll see each website featured below has a gallery of completed projects. Some of the sites highlight project details with case studies. Most importantly, they are all well-designed.

1. Straub Construction

Straub Construction

The website of Straub Construction in Kansas City is a simple easy to navigate design. They take advantage of a few bits of design flare when showing off their work.

Some of the features that make this site stand out.

  • Large homepage gallery featuring completed projects.
  • The title on each of the featured images is highlighting a core company value in a very clear way.
  • The navigation clearly communicates your location on the site by using a subtle gradient and a small arrow on the active menu item.
  • The completed work portfolio has a fun animated effect to move between the featured projects.
  • All projects have a detailed case study, great to illustrate what gives the company a competitive advantage in a non-salesy way.


2. Hercon Construction

Hercon Construction

The website of Hercon Construction in Columbia, MO is big on design, with a bold choice of color and large images to show off their work.

The features that make this website stand out:

  • You are greeted with a large two part image gallery that shows off their completed work in both the commercial and the residential construction.
  • The navigation is logically laid out dividing the project portfolios into those same two divisions.
  • The large font and generous padding enhances the legibility of the site.
  • The site has unique feature that allows the client to log into a secure section of the site to see details of their building project.


3. Weitz

Weitz Construction Company

The Weitz company has a very impressive site that benefits from a technical theme and a myriad of marketing features.

  • The user interface takes advantage of bread crumb navigation informing you of your location on the site at all times.
  • The large home page image slider highlights completed projects and the area of construction they are from.
  • The projects section contains an extensive list of completed projects.
  • As you navigate through the site, client testimonials are displayed in the right sidebar of some of the pages.

Wish List

The site could benefit by spreading out the content and adding more “white space” between elements. This would not only enhance legibility, but the large amount of information would automatically feel less daunting.

4. McCarthy Building Companies

McCarthy Building Company

The website for McCarthy Building Companies in St. Louis has a technical, yet warm and friendly style.

This is accomplished with these details:

  • The site incorporates large stylized images focusing on the employees of the company.
  • The site has a nice neutral palette with little pops of red to bring in the company’s brand.
  • The mix of drop down and sidebar navigation makes it easy to find your way through the site.

Wish List

Although the site is nice overall, it’s legibility could be improved by enlarging the overall site and fonts by 15 to 25 percent.


5. LG Development Group

LG Development Group

LG Development Group in Chicago has a fun, contemporary website that echos the style of their work.

  • The wood textured background gives the site a nice contemporary feel.
  • The navigation is simple and easy to understand.
  • The gallery for completed work takes advantage of a well stuctured grid with a fun animated filter effect.

Wish List

The one thing I would change is the font size. The grey text on the wood textured background is hard to read on some of the pages. If the font size was increased by 10% the legibility is improved dramatically. LG Development Group’s site could also benefit from the use of case studies in the completed work gallery.


All great commercial construction websites should include a way to show off past projects, case studies for featured projects, and definitley great design. Does your website have what it takes to be one of the great commercial construction sites?

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