We are so flattered with the results of the hide and seek Como Cub Crawl game that we couldn’t keep it a secret.  Check out the results below, and you’ll see why we had to show you.

Website Activity (participant/weeks average) :

  • New Visitors – increased by 321.56 %
  • Percentage of New Visitors – increased by 76.43 %
  • Unique Visitors – increased by 238.67 %
  • Average Time on Site – increased by 56.37 %
  • Pages per Visit — increased by 49.33 %
  • Time on Site – increased by 447.56 %


Como Cub Crawl is going to be featured in VOX Magazine!  Look for the article, so you can see how successful the game was.
Read what some of the participants and winners said to boost your confidence even more.

  • One of the winners came in and said “brilliant marketing scheme by the way”
  • “We have had over 100 Crawlers from just this afternoon!  We don’t know about you, but 100 hits to a website is INCREDIBLE for only a couple hours!”
  • J.D. at Prudential says, “We are easily going to exceed our monthly web traffic record, in one week ALONE.  That’s so worth it!”

More online exposure ultimately leads to more business which ultimately leads to more dollar signs.  We want to develop strategic campaigns for you and more importantly, share the benefits of properly networking with  potential clients online.

The graph below shows the increase of new visitors to the participant’s site.
A new visitor has never been to the site before.  Confirming expectations, Como Cub Crawl was able to generate a more immediate impact and exposure than display ads in terms of increases in site visitation and search queries.

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