If you’ve got a sneaking feeling your website is out of date – you’re probably right. Many websites, even those built within the past 5 years contain outdated code, or “bad tags”. Sometimes it’s because the developer isn’t knowledgeable about the most recent changes. Other times, it’s deliberate so the website is compatible with older web-browsers because the target audience may not have the most up to date equipment or software.

Time to Consult an Expert

When your website starts acting funky or customers complain it’s difficult to use it’s time to consult an expert. We recently had the pleasure of working with The Ink Factory to review and update their online presence. We started by finding all of their online listings through various directories such as yahoo, city search, manta and countless others. By first identifying the current listings’ information, we were able to evaluate what information needed to be updated and where. We then moved on to review the company website. We gauged the website’s overall look and feel, content and images. We even peeked behind the curtain to view how the website was built.

Before: A narrow framework and images used for everything created a website that was working against the company, rather than for the company.

The Report Card

Ink Factory’s company website, inkfactory.us.com, wasn’t doing anything too terribly crazy, but there were enough ticks to drive even the most patient viewer a little nuts. We provided a detailed report for The Ink Factory with action items we recommended to update and improve the quality of their website for both users and search engine optimization.

One our favorite notes for anyone trying to assess their own site is to check if you can copy and paste the “text” on your site. Click and highlight important information, like the phone number, address and company name?

Their website already provided detailed information about their services, including the brands of ink toner cartridges they carry and cartridge refill options. We’ve enjoyed using their products with our office printer and many of us in our homes too. If you’re looking for friendly service, definitely check them out at one of their 3 locations: Columbia East, Columbia West or Sedalia, Missouri.

After: MayeCreate updated the look of the site to be more modern while keeping it consistent with existing branding. This combined with a few content updates really transformed the site. See it here.

Better Bones

In this case, it was time to build a better skeleton for the existing content. Better bones meant no more out-dated HTML or CSS, navigation that actually shows you what page you’re on, and keywords in as text instead of images. This concoction resulted in not only a more user-friendly website experience, but one optimized for search engines and their crawling bots. Take a look at the improved ink factory website.

We’ll be Your Expert(s)

At MayeCreate, we’re always looking for opportunities to work with new people. We are web experts you can trust, so you can concentrate on the aspects of your business you know best. We have the experience and know-how for even the trickiest of jobs. Get your pride on and contact us today. We offer a whole slew of services, including consulting. So, pick up your fancy smart phone and dial 573-447-1836.

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