In the past couple of weeks you may have received the Columbia Area Career Center’s fall catalog in the mail. While flipping through you may have noticed their selection of design classes offered.
MayeCreate’s Senior Graphic Designer, Marie Newell, will be teaching a several of these classes. This is Marie’s second year of offering the classes and she’s excited to get back into the classroom this fall. The classes that are available are:

  • Adobe InDesign Module 1: Fundamentals
  • Adobe InDesign Module 2: Building Graphic Interest
  • Adobe InDesign Module 3: Templates
  • Adobe InDesign Module 4: Brochures and Booklets

Are you ever curious about certain things that designers do for you? Check out these classes below that will help answer some of your questions:

  • Clean & Effective Design Tips & Tricks
  • Digital Publishing


If you have questions regarding the classes at Columbia Area Career Center, please contact Barbie Banks at [email protected] or by phone at 573-214-3803. Any questions specifically about the classes taught by Marie can also be directed to her at [email protected].


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