Print and Digital Like Peanut Butter and Jelly
We all have our preferences. Some of us like peanut butter more and some of us like jelly more. But in the spirit of a classic sandwich combo, it’s best to keep the two together. That’s how we like to think about print and digital marketing.

Just like peanut butter and jelly, pairing digital and print marketing materials together makes for a classy, go-to strategy. While some people may find it easier to work with one over the other, learning to effectively use both will be worth your while as you watch your marketing campaigns flourish.

Think of your website as a supplement to your current marketing plan.

Maintaining a website is the key to going digital with your marketing plan. Think about your goals and the activities you currently engage in to market your company. How could a website be used to enhance those activities and help you reach your goals? From direct mail to door hangers, we have come up with 7 different ways for you to integrate digital and print for your next campaign. 

How others are doing it.

1. Direct Mail

If you currently use direct mail as a print material, be sure to include your website address on every piece. Send recipients to your website for more information, to download an offering, or perhaps for an instant price quote. You could gather the information of those who received the instant price quote and then use that as a prospecting list.

2. Events

Allow invitees to sign up, RSVP or pay for events on your website. You’ll save paper and time on phone calls. With an online presence you could even hold virtual events or allow people to watch event highlights.

Family watching television

Almost anything can have a digital aspect. We knew we could measure various aspects about television viewers but now we can track them online with a URL attached to each ad.

3. Television

Did you know that you could track conversion of television leads online with a specified URL for each ad? Using your web analytics program you can see how many people visited each URL and when they dropped by. The same technique works for radio. Be sure the URL’s are short and easy to remember.

4. Coupons

Consider promoting your specials through online coupons. Allow viewers to sign up to receive updates when new coupons are posted. This will drive traffic back to your site.

5. Capital Campaigns

Gather online donations. Create a specific campaign with an online donation focus. Be sure to add a “donate” button on your website for the duration of the campaign to direct visitors to a donation page. Sending out inexpensive e-newsletters is another way to direct people to that page of your website.

Reminder sticky note

Rather than wasting countless amounts of paper or sticky notes, send out your company’s event reminders via email or social media.

6. Door Hangers

Adding a few key pieces of information to door hangers is another way to merge your print and digital materials. For example, remind customers they can make their next appointment online using your website. Cut down on payroll costs and increase value by advertising this convenience for clients.

7. Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Ask clients to fill out your service survey or leave a testimonial. It only takes a moment online and they don’t have to mail it back. It’s an easy way to pick up feedback that will ultimately improve your business.

Time to Harmonize

Are you day dreaming about all the stamps or paper you’ll be saving yet? How about the amount of traffic you’ll be receiving after adding a web address to your direct mail? We sure hope we’ve sprung some great ideas on you to start testing out. Since both mediums are here to stay, it’s time your digital and print materials start working together like peanut butter and jelly.

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