I found a disappearing ink marker in my pen jar this morning and had to giggle. This pen has been living in my jar since I operated MayeCreate from my home about 5 years ago. The sight of it made my fingers itches to grab some material and start sewing. Instead I headed to the keyboard with a new found inspiration.
Disappearing ink is like your writing process.

For those of you who don’t sew, crafting a new project with a needle is a process like any other. You start with a pattern, existing or imaginary, follow the directions and your gut and viola you’ve got a finished product.

A disappearing ink marker is a tool to make sewing easier:

  1. It is a guide tool, similar to your writing process, marking your edges, adding reminders of where to line up the material essential for a polished end product.
  2. It’s completely the behind the scenes, keeping the finished product looking neat…those guides and marks disappear within hours or after washing.

I know you can’t simply buy a creative writing process like you can a disappearing ink marker but don’t get discouraged. Even the best seamstress has to remove a seam or two now and then. Use your process like the disappearing ink, behind the scenes, guiding you to a professional end product.

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