FYI, Halloween is on Saturday. Yes, that’s a couple days from now. And if you haven’t had time to pick up a Halloween costume for yourself or your kids, don’t even begin to start fretting, because we’ve got you covered. We’ve scoured the Internet to find the easiest, DIY, last-minute Halloween costumes you can pull off in no time.
So, what are you waiting for? Start scrolling through your options and get to planning!

DIY, Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

For those do-it-yourselfers.

Crazy Cat Lady

Go to your grandma’s house and ask to borrow her glasses and curlers for the night. And while you’re out, pick up a robe and some stuffed-animal cats. Once you’re home, attach your new cat friends to the robe. Throw on some pj’s and slippers under your robe, add the glasses and hair curlers, and you’re a crazy cat lady ready to take on the night- of course in an unsocial, ready to go to bed early fashion.


We found this on Pop Sugar.

Error 404 Page

In our web world, the Error 404 page makes us cringe. But it makes for a great Halloween costume if you’re not one to dress up. Grab a white t-shirt and a permanent marker for this one. Simply write, “Error 404. Costume not found.”


We found this on Pop Sugar.


This one is for all the social media enthusiasts, and the minimalists. You can really wear whatever you want for this costume. Take a marker or face paint and write “book” on your face somewhere, hence Facebook.

Facebook costume

We found this on Pop Sugar.


Go take a visit to great grandma’s house and ask to borrow some of her accessories. The possibilities are endless on this one. Find an obnoxious scarf and hat, binoculars, fanny pack, Hawaiian shirt, utility belts with a cup holder and cell phone holder, and a camera- maybe even a disposable one, if you want to get fancy. Put them all on together, and you look like you’re ready for Disney World. I would say include a selfie stick, but Disney World doesn’t allow those. Oh, and don’t forget your socks with sandals.


We found this on Pop Sugar.


You know the band. Well, instead of standing in a jagged formation, dressed up in jeans and a black shirt with your guy friends, go ahead and use this idea. Find a shirt in your closet and scrape through the loose change that snuck into the laundry to find a handful of nickels. Tape or superglue the nickels to the back of the shirt, and there you’ll have Nickelback.


We found this on Pop Sugar.

Brawny Man

The infamous Brawny Man on the the front of Brawny paper towels has an easy look to pull off. Jeans and a red plaid shirt will do the trick for this costume. I suggest carrying around a roll of Brawny too. Just in case there’s a spill, Brawny Man will be there to save the day.


We found this on Upcycled Treasures.

Flower Pot

Stop by the dollar store on your way home, because you’re making a human flower pot. Pick up a couple bouquets of fake flowers, a headband, duct tape, hot glue and a large plastic tub. You’ll have to cut the bottom out of the tub, but the rest only requires duct tape and hot glue. Tape the flowers along the outside of the tub, from the inside of course, and hot glue a flower to the headband. Don’t forget to make duct tape straps to hold the tub up. Wear clothes that match the color of your flowers, and you’re ready to be watered!

flower pot

We found this on Buzzfeed.

Morton Salt Girl

Get a little salty and clog everyone’s arteries with this costume. Wear a yellow dress, white tights and yellow ballet flats to achieve the look of the Morton Salt Girl. Don’t forget the infamous umbrella though! You may want to carry a tub of Morton’s Salt around with you too, just in case someone’s food needs a little more seasoning- ya never know.

Morton salt girl

We found this on Mashable.

And If All Else Fails…

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. No one ever said that you absolutely positively have to dress up on Halloween.

But if you do chose to use one of these costumes, we would love to see it! Share your pictures with us on Facebook or Twitter. And don’t forget to have a fun, safe and candy-filled Halloween!

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