Rainbow PencilsUnless you’re living in Pleasantville, you’re probably aware colors evoke emotions and feelings, but did you know certain colors can provoke certain behaviors? (I didn’t.) Because there are basically an unlimited amount of colors (or frequencies of light, if you want to get all technical) in the universe, let’s stick to the regular ol’ rainbow colors and what effect each one has on a human.

Roy G. Biv

How does red make you feel?
I’m pretty sure everyone is aware red is considered a strong color. Red is intense and is often indicative of anger; often when someone explains their anger they say they “see red” which can be linked to an increase in blood pressure. Were you aware that the color red can intensify physical hunger? How many food companies can you think of utilize red in their advertising? Or should we say, “subliminal advertising”?

Red Brands: Coca-cola, Dairy Queen, KFC, Wendy’s

How does orange make you feel?

Orange, red’s friend, also tends to have an effect on one’s appetite. A dinner table decorated with orange items can encourage a lengthy dining experience with lots of socializing conversation. Because orange, and red, stimulate appetite, it may not be best to have a red kitchen…you may find yourself standing in front of the fridge eating ice cream from the carton! Appetite aside, orange also encourages creativity and the creation of new ideas.

Orange Brands: Nickelodeon, Blogger, Firefox

How does yellow make you feel?

While yellow appears to be such a friendly color, oddly enough, people in yellow rooms tend to argue more….and apparently, yellow makes babies cry! Perhaps this happens because pure yellow is one of those bright colors that vibrate; it’s brightness, when combined with other saturated colors, creates a “visual vibration.” Sort of makes you crinkle your nose, doesn’t it? If I had to stare at that I’d cry, too!

Yellow Brands: Nikon, Best Buy, McDonald’s

How does green make you feel?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the term “green room” in reference to a performer’s space in which they wait to go on stage. It’s rumored to believe the term originated in 1559: a theatre in London had a backstage room which was painted green and thusly called the “green room.” These days green rooms are rarely green, but perhaps they should be because the color green can help people relax and calm those nervous pre-show jitters.

Green Brands: Starbucks, Whole Foods, BP

How does blue make you feel?

Think: ocean, clear skies, pools in the summer. While blue tends to have a calming effect, a blue environment can provide for a more productive workday, perhaps because one can be calm, focused and get down to business. People that resonate with the color blue like direction and order and definitely avoid confrontation. If blue is your favorite color, you might be grounded and pensive, thinking before you speak.

Blue Brands: American Express, Lowe’s, AT&T

How does indigo make you feel?

Always a tricky color to me, indigo is not blue and it’s not purple; technically, indigo is a darker blue with a touch of violet, or purple. It’s considered to be a highly-spiritual color and with the coolness of blue and strength of violet, indigo¬†helps achieve deeper levels of consciousness. It’s possible indigo would be a choice color for yoga studios.

Indigo Brands: Taco Bell, HP, A&E

2013’s Colour of the Year

How does violet make you feel?

While violet may seem to be the most dainty of colors, its richness and saturation is powerful and demands attention. Violet, or purple, can inspire creativity in people; it may be a good color for a design office (hint, hint?). According to Apartment Therapy, researchers say people who slept in a purple room get significantly less sleep than say, yellow or green bedrooms. Why? While violet CAN be soft, it’s typically represented as strong and saturated which leads to mental stimulation and creativity….not what you want when trying to sleep! If only we could channel that creativity into some fancy dreams!

Violet Brands: Cadbury, Yahoo, Hallmark

Sources: Empower Yourself with Color Psychology, 11 Eleven

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