If you’ve ever visited downtown Columbia, Missouri you’ve likely passed by Calvary Episcopal Church. Located at the corner of 9th and Locust for over a century, the stone building was originally designed by Miss Mary Louise Hale but has undergone modifications since.

BEFORE: CalvaryonNinth.org had a lot going for it, but was ready for an update.

Calvary’s old website had several features that needed to be incorporated into the new design, including a calendar of events, schedules of services, and a wealth of information for their many small groups. Taking the needs of the church, it’s members and interested public into account, we designed a wonderful updated website for Calvary. You can see it at calvaryonninth.org. The new site utilizes the iconic stone finish of the church and incorporates warm neutrals similar to the old design, but with the addition of plum and olive tones.

It’s in the Details

AFTER: Warm neutrals with pleasant purples and olive tones set off the new design for CalvaryonNinth.org

Viewers are greeted on the home page of calvaryonninth.org by a slideshow of images, four buttons to direct them to various sections of the site and the 3 most recent news articles. A drop-down from the header of the site displays the worship schedule so visitors can quickly find what they need. Moving through the site, users enjoy helpful links, images and callouts highlighting information and the church’s ideals.

With many small group meetings, choirs practice and other church events, it was very important that the new site have an easy to use calendar that would allow for repeating events. Not only does the Get Involved page function with a ease, but event details can be seen at a glance by hovering over an event. Drop-downs for both month and year allow for easy navigation into the future.

 Get Your Pride On

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