1. Click on the image you would like to edit
  2. Click the Edit Image icon or Delete Image icon, if editing proceed to step 3
  3. Format the image as desired:
    1. Change the size by selecting a new image size on the slider, note that once the changes are saved the image cannot be made larger this way; you will need to click on the Advanced  Setting tab and click the original size button.
    2. To add space around the image so words are not touching it:
      1. i.      Click on the Advanced Settings tab
      2. ii.      Type the number 10 in the vertical space and horizontal space fields
    3. To add a border around the image type an number in the border field, note that 1 will result in a thin border, any numbers greater than one will result in a thicker border.
  4. When you’re satisfied with your formatting changes click the Update button
  5. Click the blue update button on the right

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