You’re already using Facebook to market your business and are considering a blog, or you have a blog and don’t know what to do with it.
Facebook is a commonly used for marketing and can be effective. For your business you should evaluate the results you are getting versus what you want from your marketing tools. Adding a blog or using the blog you have can enhance your marketing mix and even amp up your Facebook interactions.

If you’re considering either blogging or Facebook (which we truly advocate using multiple digital mediums to spread your message) here’s a list of 8 reasons why a blog may be a better choice:

8. Support – Facebook is constantly changing which drives many people crazy.
With blogging they are not frustrating changes to deal with. Blogs are steady, reliable and hosted by you so you’re in control.

7. Outcome – Facebook can be tricky and provide chancy results. While time invested blogging will always pays off if done correctly, keep reading to learn why.

6. SEO – Time spent Facebooking doesn’t contribute to your search ranking. Blogging improves your search ranking with keyword and link optimization when done right.  Learn more about how it helps.

5. Reinforcement  – Blog articles hold a longer shelf life meaning they will be found in your clients or consumers searches for months or years. However, Facebook post updates only last for several days at the most depending upon how popular they are.

4. Focal Point – Blogs are the hub for your content and where thought leadership begins. Through your blog you can reveal the full story and link it to other sources. Facebook helps promote your business’ content through links that direct the reader to the in-depth story on the Web page.

3. A Bigger Stage – Blog provides readers with more value by allowing you to have as much space as you need to give advice, helpful tips or teach cool new things. Facebook only allows you to have a few lines to tell the audience.

2. More Ways To Connect – Blogs reach site visitors and social networks through emails, other blogs and networks. This includes RSS, email, site visitors, and all social networks. Facebook is more limiting because you can only reach the people that ‘like’ your page.

1. Authority – Blogs allow you to tell the reader that you’re an expert in the industry. By giving step-by-step information and describing specific details consumers will want to read your blog to learn more to better their businesses. Facebook is controlled by many people and can include advertising fees, annoying requests and advertisements.

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