Elicc Group New Website“Building a Higher Class”

The first line on the new Elicc Group website home page; proving these industry experts know what they want for their clients – the highest possible quality result for every project they take on. Let’s just say the website they had before they came to us severely misrepresented this fierceness and dedication to quality. Now that’s all changed… but we’ll get to that.

Emphasizing Design

From pre-project planning and design development to construction project management, Elicc Group provides global manufacturing and installation on curtain wall construction projects throughout North America.

What do we do at MayeCreate? Our bread and butter is design, specifically of the website variety. So when Elicc Group expressed a desire for their new site to not only emphasize the competitive advantage their design services brings them but also wow visitors with stunning visuals and easy-to-use functionality, we said, “We GOT this.”

Keeping Things Interesting

One major want Elicc Group had was to keep visitors visually engaged while flowing easily throughout the site with well-thought-out design and structure. We achieved this on the home page by designing a fullscreen slideshow, that appears upon entering, to showcase the breathtaking images and skylines of the extremely legit work they do—and let me just take a moment to mention these pictures are genuine. No stock photography here. Almost had ya fooled, though, right?—The only words you see when you get to the main page of the site are at the bottom under the Elicc Group logo, which say, “Scroll to Continue.” Pretty easy instructions, right?

Once you scroll down, the main navigation fades in at the top and image-based page breaks appear featuring highlights about the company, which really helps to make the more important information stand out.

I bet you’re wondering why we didn’t just leave the home page as a simple really big slideshow, and if you weren’t, hopefully you are now. While that would give the same stunning impression it doesn’t meet the needs of the Google god. Search engines can’t read images (yet), they read words. And since the home page of a site is generally the easiest and most prolifically ranked it’s super super important to include words on the page. So Google and other search engines can find it for what you do and display your homepage often in search results. Hence, the modified slideshow transitioning into a more traditional feeling home page.

Informational, Sortable, Submittable

Is submitable a word? If not, it is now. But maybe with two T’s… Submittable? Anyway…

A website should be as easy to use as a coffee mug. So how do you make a curtain wall construction website that easy to use? Organization. And when you take into account all the cool content built into this site, it’s easy to understand how organization plays into design.


For the services they offer, we created a separate page for each featuring content specific to that service (Google really loves that, which helps with SEO).


Then we programmed their Projects section so visitors could sort through them either by region (US East Coast or US West Coast) and/or level of completion (In Progress vs. Completed). What’s even cooler is when you hover over the project image, a light blue overlay appears with the project name and address. This is ideal for any of their visitors who might be searching for services by a specific location.


Elicc Group’s new website has a Career Opportunities page for potential new hires to refer to when looking for open positions within the company. Each job post includes a job description as well as an online application so visitors can apply directly through the site. There’s even a field for uploading a resume and a reCAPTCHA for weaning out the robots. Whoa. Talk about streamlining your hiring process and bringing it into 2018! We love it! (For the record, we’re not anti-robot at MayeCreate, just anti-malicious-online-activities…)

Other features on Elicc Group’s new website include:

  • Custom WordPress Theme
    With Custom WordPress Themes, the website design is unique and the structure is flexible, scalable, and easily manageable. Let’s just say websites with custom WordPress themes aren’t forced to reside inside the box.
  • Safe Site Plan
    The new Elicc Group website is enrolled in our Company Safe Site Plan, meaning we’ve enhanced the site in an effort to offensively protect it from hackers. We backup the site daily, maintain regular WordPress and plugin updates, and monitor site activity and link function.
  • Updates & Ongoing Maintenance
    It’s imperative to keep content fresh with regular updates to keep clients and prospects interested. With their website completed, we help Elicc Group stay on top of their game by performing requested updates and changes to the website as needed.
  • Customized Company Culture Section with Posts
    In the main navigation under “About,” you’ll find a Company Culture page which describes the awesome vibes an Elicc Group employee experiences on the day-to-day and even pulls in story posts published on the site by team members.
  • Blog
    Now Elicc Group can really position themselves as industry leaders online by sharing their expertise, experiences, and recognitions through published blog posts within their site.

Are you looking for a website?

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