Just because you have a giant, diverse email list doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed email marketing success. The success comes when you re-evaluate emails that get to people and what they do with them, and emails that don’t get to their recipients and why.

Bounce is the biggest issue.

The biggest issue with emails is bounce, but not all bounces are the same. For starters, there are soft bounces. These are generally related to technical issues— maybe the email server is not working, an inbox is full or a message is way too big. You might also be rejected as spam or blacklisted by the intended recipient.

But then there’s a hard bounce, which is different in its rejection. You may have sent a note to a nonexistent email address, or you might be completely blocked.

Let’s say your email gets to its intended recipients. If they don’t even look at the email, then it’s almost the same as if your email didn’t get to them at all. Part of what affects open rate is the industry in which you’re focused on. Some professions are simply more focused on opening those messages. And then some people will open their email if you use compelling information about who the email is from and what the subject is. You should also research the very best time to send out your emails, and make sure that you test, test, test— then test some more.

Want to know more about emails and opens and bounces? Use the information in this graphic.


Our friends at Ghergich & Co. created this great infographic, along with SurePayroll, an online payroll and payroll tax company for small businesses. (https://www.surepayroll.com/resources/blog/how-to-interpret-important-email-marketing-statistics)

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